Open Meeting Wednesday, April 11

Join FWO for our next meeting on Wednesday, April 11th as we distill and discuss the fine points of our panelists’ remarks during our Women Writing in the Age of ‘Post-feminism’ panel.

Discussion topics will range from Cate Marvin’s take on the “numbers trouble” of VIDA’s reports, Shelley Jackson’s ideas of destabilizing both genre and gender in order to “do feminism” in writing, Camille Rankine’s troubling of the notion of focusing on just one of our multiple identities, and Ann Snitow’s framing of VIDA and FWO’s work in the broader history of social justice movements.

FWO will also plan our final event for the academic year,  a celebration and sharing of the creative work of the FWO community.

Newcomers are welcome! The q&a session at the panel was provocative but all too short, so come by and share your ideas on feminism, writing, and whatever else!

FWO Open Meeting
Wednesday, April 11th, 6:30 PM
New School Student Study Center
90 5th Avenue, room 211


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